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Event Photos

2023 RMPC Clay Shoot at Kiowa Creek

RMPC appreciates Keith Venable with WHC Energy Services taking these photos of the teams and allowing us to share them.

2023 RMPC Golf Tournament at Arrowhead Golf Course

2023 So Far!

2022 Holiday Party - RMPC and GPARMC Griswold vs. Gatsby

A Huge shout out and thank you to our very own Kelly Marshall for putting this awesome video of the night together.

2022 RMPC Clay Shoot with HEX

2022 RMPC Scholarship Summer Golf Tournament at Fossil Trace Golf Course

2022 Citizen Soldier Connection at Broadmoor Golf Course

2022 RMPC February Luncheon with COL Palazzo

2022 RMPC HEX Honker Down

RMPC sponsored and attended Hero Expeditions’ SSG Christopher Birdwell Honker Down Event on January 28th 2022. The Honker Down is an epic two-day waterfowl hunt for military and first responders held each January. The event holds the distinct honor of bearing the name of SSG Christopher Birdwell, US Army, a Windsor native who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to his country on August 27, 2012 in Kalagush, Afghanistan. The mission of Hero Expeditions is to organize outdoor adventures for military service members, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, special needs individuals, families of the fallen and youth participants. The event pays tribute to those who have served like Chris and this year HEX had 15 participants with a combined service of over than 150 years. On Saturday and Sunday they hunt waterfowl along the Front Range in Weld County, but more importantly, they were able to share in the camaraderie and brotherhood that so many of them miss after their service time concludes. Rocky Mountain Pipeliners Club is proud to support Hero Expeditions and our veterans in their journey of enjoying the great outdoors of Weld County where so many of us live and work!

2021 RMPC Clay Shoot

2021 RMPC Golf Tournament